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Raising A Moose – How it began.. August 20, 2008

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I am dedicating this section to our dearest little Moose.  He is a funny little guy, at the ripe old age of 8 1/2 months!  So to catch up to the present, I will back up a little to get some background in.

The hubby and I were married almost 8 years before the Moose came.  Not that we didn’t try – we decided to start “trying” around year 6.  We got pregnant faster than we thought possible, but miscarried 3 months later (more on that some other time..).  We took that as a sign to take a break and focus on careers.  Several months later, we were pregs again.. but only for 5 weeks.  Again, we dove back into the careers.  I accomplished my goal of becoming a buyer.  He was breaking his neck trying to succeed in a dying mortgage industry. 

Fast forward to March 2007.  After a lovely morning session, followed by 3 hours straight of holding up my legs while watching a James Bond marathon on TV, we were pregs again 🙂  Based on our history, we were “cautiously excited”.  We didn’t even tell our family until we were 18 weeks pregnant!  At 32 weeks, we packed up our bags, left Boston and moved down to Knoxville so hubby could have a more secure job and I could have the option to not work altogether.

Fast forward again to December 2008.  I was due December 1, but as all mommies know, due dates are nothing but a tease.  Since Ben and I can’t even wait until Christmas Day to exchange gifts, we decided to induce labor on December 4th so we didn’t have to wait any longer.  I figured I might as well since I hadn’t had any contractions or even a hint it might happen.

Well, the morning of December 4th, after  the nurse butchered my arm for the IV, she strapped on the monitors for baby and me.  And, surprisingly, I WAS having contractions – about 3 minutes apart, 30 sec to a minute each!  I figured he had been moving around alot, as he was always prone to kicking me on my right side.  Turns out those were contractions.  He popped out 6 hours later (thanks to Pitocin and my best friend, Epidural!!) 

And so the adventure began…


One Response to “Raising A Moose – How it began..”

  1. avill7 Says:

    I love moose…so this saga should be interesting!

    More please, thank you.

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