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The Family is Here! (Mostly) August 22, 2008

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Yesterday Moose and I picked up his Auntie Jenny from the Greyhound Station in K-town.  That was an adventure in itself – my TomTom couldn’t find the address, so I drove around in circles cursing all the damn construction.  I thought I left all that behind in Boston!!

The bond between Moose and Jenn is pretty amazing.  He hasn’t seen her since April.  As soon as we settled into the house, he was happily playing with her and completely ignoring me!!  Normally, if he is playing with someone else and sees me leave the room, he whines or cries (unless I sneak out).  But with Jenn, he practically shoved me out of the way.  They made up a few new games together and he stole her heart (again).

The in-laws will arrive tonight around midnight along with a couple of pounds of fresh-out-the-water Charleston shrimp…. yummmmmmmy!  I will be making Shrimp and Grits on Sunday.  Can’t wait.  Did I mention I love food?  More on that some other time 🙂


3 Responses to “The Family is Here! (Mostly)”

  1. avill7 Says:

    Mmm…glad I’m invited! I’ll bring dessert…flan maybe?

    Have fun with the family! Sounds like Jack loves it already :).

  2. valben Says:

    Mmmmm.. yes, flan would be awesome. We are so far the menu is Charleston Shrimp n Grits and some buttermilk biscuits. Gotta think of some other “Lowcountry” sides. We’re shooting for 1:00 PM so far since his folks have to drive out that afternoon. Can’t wait to see you guys!

  3. avill7 Says:

    Ok, just now saw this – so disregard the voicemail I just left!

    Flan it is…see ya!

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