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Moose in GC August 30, 2008

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Here we are.. back home.  Its funny how Goose Creek will always be home.  Moose handled the drive well last night, but he was not ready to go back to sleep at 1 AM when we actually got to the house.  I couldn’t get him to sleep in the nursery (yes, my mom has a nursery in her house!), so he slept with us last night.  But between Moose’s and hubby’s body heat, it was a freakin’ furnace.  So none of us slept very well.  Luckily Moose is having a good day.  He had a 2 hour nap this morning and just went down for a late afternoon nap.

I have recently been complaining about the excessive weight loss.  I have no clothes to wear because my butt is disappearing.  Not in a good way.  It is sad when I have saggy butt in every pair of shorts/pants that I own.  But gotta love my mom, she is helping me put the weight back on 🙂  Since Hubby was joining his friends tonight for dinner and some Clemson football, my mom decided she would make lunch.  “Lunch” included about 10 pounds of snow crab legs, some awesome marinated beef tenderloin, kare-kare (a peanut butter base filipino beef stew – yumm!!), rice, and corn (Dad threw that in as our “vegetable”). 

Who knows what’s in store for dinner tonight.  But tomorrow Moose gets to play with the WHOLE family.  Yup, the aunties, uncles, some of the cousins and some other folks are coming over for a little gathering.  All for the Moose.  Gotta love Goose Creek!!


2 Responses to “Moose in GC”

  1. avill7 Says:

    Don’t even think about coming back here without that kare-kare recipe in tow!

  2. valben Says:

    one step ahead of you… I already got a ton of mama sita flavor packets from my mom!! 🙂

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