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Craig’s List… September 7, 2008

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Over the last few weeks, I have listed some things on Craig’s List.  We had way too many big “things” laying around collecting dust.  But beware… you get some interesting offers.  Here are a few examples:

  • I had a 125 gallon fish tank with all accessories and stand listed for $600.  A woman offered to trade me a used car.  She sent me pictures of the 10 junkers sitting in her yard.  I recognized one as a rusted, white 1990 Chevy Cavalier.  The best comment was when she said “Some of them even run!”
  • We are getting rid of our pool table.  It was a fun toy in Boston, but we never really use it.  The best offer was a trade for some guns.  We are in Tennessee, so that wasn’t surprising.
  • I have a mini-fridge that we used for 3 months when I was pumping a ton and was too lazy to take the milk downstairs.  I just received another “trade” offer … of another mini-fridge that’s been sitting in a semi.  Nice.
  • I have our old vacuum cleaner listed.  Some woman keeps sending me a sob stories about how she has to use a broom to clean the carpet in her entire house.  She wants me to deliver the vacuum cleaner to her because she doesn’t have a car.  She lives about 50 miles away.  Seriously?!?

Craig’s List attracts a ton of crazies.  But hey, its free and it provides some great entertainment.


One Response to “Craig’s List…”

  1. althea Says:

    LOL! craig’s list is the mecca for crazies. they live for that ish:)

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