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Mommy Moose Confession #12 September 15, 2008

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Here it is: I am scared of Moose’s baby monitor.  I have a Graco one, sound only, that lights up based on the intensity of sound in the room.  It is not supposed to catch cordless phone interference (we don’t have one anyway).

Some nights, not always, the monitor does weird things.  For instance, last night, I put him in his room around 1 AM (he fell asleep with us).  About an hour later, I wake up because the room got brighter.  It was the monitor, lit up like a Christmas tree, but no sound.  I sat there, watching it.  It would go dim, then light up, then nothing.  There were faintly audible clicks with every light show.  And when I was finally starting the freak out, the monitor lost connection – it went red and started beeping.  I let that go on for 2 minutes, too scared to go into his room and check the connection.  It finally turned back on again and was fine after that.  After I cuddled with Hubby for a minute, I went to sleep, no interruptions.

Some of you might think, how come you didn’t go running into the room to check?  First of all, I am a big fat scaredy-cat.  Not that I think there is anything “paranormal” going on, but I just don’t want to know.  Secondly, I didn’t want to wake the Moose.  He is a sound sleeper, but if I went in there all gung-ho, he would wake up.

I am starting to contemplate ditching the monitor altogether and just trusting I will hear his cries through the door.  Who knows…


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