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The New and Improved Moose Crawl September 22, 2008

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Wasn’t it just a week ago I was commenting on the Moose’s “graceful” crawl?  A few days ago, he finally figured out how to go from prone to sitting up, and along with that came this all new crawl.

Maybe its just a coincidence, but he demonstrated his new ability on the day I did a yoga video with some pigeon poses.  Maybe he is a little yogi in training?  Nana will be so excited!!


2 Responses to “The New and Improved Moose Crawl”

  1. Nana Says:

    hi there, Moose
    yes, nana is excited and you sing to mom loud and clear that nana says that your crawling is perfect

    tell her also that when i get my rudder and my balance sorted out, i will be chasing the riggs all over every where and even up those mysterious stairs…….

  2. avill7 Says:

    Go, Moose, go!!!

    BTW, Pea got unbelievably excited about the ball machine.

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