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Moose goes to a football game! October 19, 2008

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We took Moose to his first football game.  Clemson vs. Georgia Tech, noon kickoff.  We didn’t get there in time for the 25 most exciting seconds in football.  Let’s not talk about the loss here, but Moose had a good time.  We were in the stadium through the middle of the second quarter.  When he got fidgety, we walked him around the perimeter, ate some food, then met Hubby’s frat brothers to tailgate the rest of the time.  They had a satellite TV setup, so we were good.  Here are some pics from Moose’s first visit to Death Valley.  Doesn’t he look good in orange? 🙂


Moose and the Family October 18, 2008

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My parents, sister, bro-in-law and nephew came up this weekend.  Grandma spoiled the Moose the best she could, loading him up with clothes and toys.  We ate tons of good food and went to Maple Lane Farms to check out the hay ride and pumpkin patch.  They also have a corn maze, but we didn’t think it would be fun to get lost in a maze with two babies!  Overall, it was a fun weekend.  The only downside was Moose passed his cold on to his cousin, but like I’ve said before, its unavoidable!!


Breastfeeding in the Spotlight October 11, 2008

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I rarely write about anything non-Moose related, but I wanted to give some love to W magazine for putting a picture of Angelina Jolie nursing one of her twins on the cover.  I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding and think any kind of endorsement is good for babies.  But I have to comment on the idiotic remarks from people calling the photo “sexual.”  It is a photo of a beautiful, happy mother in one of the most intimate moments with her child.  Did I mention the photo was taken by Brad Pitt?  Do you think he, the man who actually gets to have sex with this woman, thought the moment was sexual in any way?!?  Are we so immature that the second we see a glimpse of a boob we think SEX SEX SEX?  Nevermind, don’t answer that.


Moose’s New Tricks October 8, 2008

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Yesterday, Moose learned how to feed Mommy.  He even developed a “take turns” system – two for him, one for me.  I gotta get a video of that up soon.

He is also practicing his walking – with help from Mommy and Daddy.  I am trying to get him to start cruising around the furniture, but the problem is, his arms are so long, he doesn’t need to move his feet!  This kid has some strange proportions.  But we’ve discussed that already 🙂


How to Pose a Moose October 7, 2008

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I keep thinking Moose is getting bigger and bigger, no longer a baby but a little boy.  Then I take this picture, where he is big and small at the same time.  Little “B” boy 🙂


A Sick Moose October 5, 2008

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Poor baby Moose has a cold.  It started up yesterday and was full blown last night.  He slept with us and was up every hour, sniffling and snotting.  Add to that a front tooth breaking gum, and you got a miserable little Moose.  Of course Hubby took care of me today – he took Moose this morning and let me get a much needed 2 hours of sleep.  Then later this afternoon, I took another hour long nap to prepare for tonight.

I propped up the Moose’s bed and put the humidifier on tonight, so hopefully he will sleep a little better.  I feel I owe Hubby since he took care of me 🙂 

On a random note, I made  chocolate chip banana bread today… yummy, except I left out 1 ingredient so its not quite as moist as I prefer.. oh well..

Here are some sweet pics of Moose today feeding ducks with Daddy.  Don’t look too close or you’ll see the snot running down his little face!!


Independent Moose October 2, 2008

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A month or two ago, I complained about Moose’s constant need for Mommy.  He was going through major separation anxiety.  Like everything else with babies, I felt like this would last forever.  Before I even realized it had happened, he became little Mr. Independent. 

He is happy to play with me, but just as happy alone.  He smiles and practically waves when he watches me leave the room.  The only time he cries is if all of his balls roll under the couch and he can’t get it, or if he gets stuck somewhere (usually under the entertainment center).  Sometimes he lets me know when he is hungry or if he has a smelly load in his pants. 

Like every other phase he goes through, I always miss the old one.  This is why moms are crazy.  We don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone!  Luckily, it always comes back.