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Independent Moose October 2, 2008

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A month or two ago, I complained about Moose’s constant need for Mommy.  He was going through major separation anxiety.  Like everything else with babies, I felt like this would last forever.  Before I even realized it had happened, he became little Mr. Independent. 

He is happy to play with me, but just as happy alone.  He smiles and practically waves when he watches me leave the room.  The only time he cries is if all of his balls roll under the couch and he can’t get it, or if he gets stuck somewhere (usually under the entertainment center).  Sometimes he lets me know when he is hungry or if he has a smelly load in his pants. 

Like every other phase he goes through, I always miss the old one.  This is why moms are crazy.  We don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone!  Luckily, it always comes back.


One Response to “Independent Moose”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hey does that mean if I come visit I can hold him??? 🙂

    Your pillows are awesome by the way, I’ll take mine in a light powder blue/green gray, with chocolate brown and a soft white. 🙂

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