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How to Meditate with a Moose November 12, 2009

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Long time, no blog, but no use apologizing.  Let’s just say it is no coincidence that my last blog was written soon after the Moose turned 1.  After that, life caught up to me and I got caught up in it.  Updates will come when I get the chance, but I had an interesting moment today that I thought was worth noting in this digital journal of mine.

I was discussing the merits of yoga and meditation with my mom this morning, encouraging her to figure out a way to add some piece of that to her daily workout.  After I hung up the phone, I realized it had been a while since I, myself, had a nice relaxing yoga meditation.  Pre-Moose, I was a gym rat who frequented several yoga classes every week.  I was addicted to the thrill of achieving new poses as well as the relaxation at the end.  I started thinking of how I could work at least the relaxation part into my workouts. 

Moose, who is now almost 2 (!!!!) is finally weaned (more on that story later).  This means the only way I can get him to nap is by walking him around in the stroller (it requires at least 2 miles) or driving him around.  We now live in Southern Indiana, and there is nothing like driving down a long stretch of road through acres of flat farmland (corn and soybeans, mostly) to get you dozing.  After a fun but exhausting day, I decided to take Moose in the car around 4:30, grab some Starbucks and drive so he could get a late afternoon nap. 

After picking up my Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, we started down one of the long stretches of backroad to get back home.  I had “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on repeat and had already attempted to call 3 different people (my normal routine on these drives).  Strangely, no one answered.  So I relaxed into the drive and started looking around me. 

To the left, acres of corn, open sky, old rickety farmhouses.  To the right, acres of corn, old rickety farmhouses, and a gorgeous setting sun.  The clouds were hanging low, streaking the sky like they had been painted on in broad strokes.  The colors were gorgeous – it is times like this I wish I had my camera and the skill to capture it.  As I rolled on down this empty road, the colors grew deeper as the sun started to set.  I relaxed into my seat (the seat heater helped a great deal!) and started clearing my mind.  Let go of the “to do” list, don’t even think about making dinner, forget about our holiday schedule. . . and that’s when it started.  That feeling you get in a deep meditation, where all the tension floats away from your body and a warmth starts radiating from your heart.  I let the feeling carry from my center out to my limbs, and clarity entered my mind and washed away the stresses of everyday life.  Anyone driving by me probably thought I was a grinning idiot, but at that moment, I was happy.  Just happy.  Taking in the beautiful landscape and appreciating all the wonderful people in my life.  All the while, Moose was singing along to “Mary had a little lamb” in his little duck-like voice, but that only added to the moment. 

I looked back at him and he grinned at me.  “I love you, my little Moosie,” I said to him.  And, as if he knew Mommy was having a happy moment, he made it even better by chiming back, “I wub ooo, Mama!”  Not long after, he finally knocked out.  After a few laps around the neighborhood lake, I managed to get home and successfully transfer him to the couch.  I realize I don’t need an hour long yoga session to get that meditation moment.  All I need is the state of mind and I can do it anywhere.  For now though, I need to finish painting the dining room, start making dinner (shrimp tostadas), and pull the calendar out to figure out when we are heading home for Christmas 🙂


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