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How to Negotiate with a Moose February 22, 2010

Filed under: Moose — valben @ 5:15 pm

Moose is really funny about negotiating.  It all started over a year ago when we would do countdowns to things like bath time, leaving the park, getting dressed, etc.  It sounds like this:

Daddy:  Moosie, 10 minutes till bathtime!

Moose: 20 minutes to bathtime, okay?

Daddy: No Moosie, 10 more minutes of playing.

Moosie: Okay, 20 more minutes of racing, and THEN we take a bath.


A few weeks ago, my sister sent a really cool roll of big Cars stickers.  I hung them on the refrigerator and told Moose he can have one whenever he uses the potty.  Today, he spotted the stickers and said, “Mommy, can I play with Cars stickers, PLEEEEAAASE??”  I reminded him of our deal, and asked him to repeat what we had agreed on.  So he says, “I can play with Car stickers after using potty, but today I get Car stickers NOW, okay?”

He didn’t get the Cars stickers, but I had a good laugh.


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