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Day 3: My mind is racing with ideas for Moose. . . March 24, 2010

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Completed day 3 of Doman’s “How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” course.  Today’s topic was “How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.”  Sounds absolutely crazy, right?  But like everything I have learned this week, it is so simple, it is crazy to NOT try. 

The basic idea is to feed our little babies’ insatiable appetite for knowledge by giving them real information.  When the baby points to a car, you could say, that’s a vroom vroom!  a better thing to say is,  that’s a car!  If you are willing to drop the baby talk, why not go ahead and tell him what is really is – that’s a car, it is a Cherry Red Classic Porsche!  You’ve not only expanded his vocabulary (whether he is talking or not), but you have introduced him to the real world.  Instead of giving him the same answer each time he points to a car, you are peaking his interest even more.  He will want to know every car. 

I use this example because when Moose was just learning to talk, he would clearly say “ball” when he saw a ball, “Riggs” when he saw our cat, but for the longest time, he would say “Vroom vroom” for car.  Now, I know what you are thinking, but I swear I never told him a car is a vroom vroom.  But I would make the sound effects when we were playing with cars.  From 11 to 14 months, he was spouting words left and right.  Except for “car”.  For those who know me, you know my last name sounds like “car”.  We would joke that when he grew up, he would say, “Hi, I’m Moose Vroom Vroom”!

At 15 months, he started consistently saying “car” and pointing them out.  But he would pause when he saw other vehicles.  He quickly learned the difference between a car, truck and SUV.  I knew then to give him those little facts.  Based on what I learned today, I know he will probably go nuts when I teach him within those categories, there are even more names!  He is a Disney Car fanatic, and when we saw a black Porsche in a parking lot recently, he said, “Look, there’s black Sally!”  And we said, yup, it’s a Porsche, just like Sally.  So now, my little Moose knows what a Porsche looks like and points them out (not that we see that many where we live!)

After class, I bought two more books from the series – How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence and How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge.  To most people, it seems crazy.  Some might think, why is she wasting her time?  Moose is smart and is already reading words, is that not good enough for her?  Or others think, is she trying to create some kind of superhuman, baby genius who is going to be “superb” to all other babies?  

To answer that, I would ask you – what if someone gave you the chance to easily learn 100 new facts in a matter of days?  What if someone told you there was a 6-year period in your life, that if you did a few quick exercises for mere minutes a day, you could dramatically expand your knowledge and brain capacity?  Wouldn’t you jump on a chance to do that?  Well, to me, the obvious answer is yes.  And that is what I am doing.  I am taking that 6 year window (which if you haven’t already inferred, is from birth to age 6) and giving Moose this amazing gift.  He enjoys what we are learning so much today, and I imagine that 20 years from now, Moose could be a car aficionado, and he will appreciate that it all started with a little red car named Lightning McQueen.


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