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R-E-S-P-E-C-T April 1, 2010

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There are many courses out there that propose you should teach your child to read as a baby.  Initially, I was drawn to the simple nature of Doman’s program.  But the biggest difference between his program and the other books and DVDs out there, is the focus on the relationship between the parent and child.  Although it is important that you love your child (as we all do), Doman’s group also emphasizes respecting your child. 

When you respect your child, you see them in a whole different light.  Everything they do now has a purpose, and you start to understand them better.  When a toddler breaks apart a toy, most parents are apt to yell, tell them to stop, apologize to others and say, he’s just a brute, excuse him.  But when you respect the child, you take note, start looking at things from his point of view, and you realize, hmmm, he has looked at it, touched it, tasted it, listened to it (by shaking), maybe sniffed it, okay, he is trying to figure out how it works – he wants to take it apart because he is curious, not because he is a brute.  A 7 month old who just learned to crawl is trying to wriggle out of parent’s lap and attempt a getaway.  Some parents say, ugh, she just won’t stay still! and put her in the playpen.  The respectful parent thinks, she just learned this amazing new skill, she is dying to try it out, I can finish checking my email later – and gets down on the floor to play with the baby and let her experiment with her newly learned skill.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with the parents who do the first choice.  Honestly, it is how most of us were raised, therefore we react the same way.  These parents still fiercely love their children, and they act this way because they are trying to protect their children.  But take yourself out of your big shoes and forget momentarily what is convenient for you, and put yourself in their tiny shoes.  That is when love turns into respect and your baby will grow in ways you never dreamed.


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