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Moose’s Passport Montage April 5, 2010

Filed under: Moose — valben @ 2:02 am

We are headed to the USVI in a few weeks, and although it wasn’t necessary, we decided Moose needed a passport. I went to our corner drugstore to take a pic and it was a total disaster. They somehow expected my 2 year old to stand on a tall, tiny, rotating stool unassisted while they took the picture.  The girl obviously never took pictures of a toddler before, because she kept waiting “for a good shot” even though I told her to just click away while he was happy.  I couldn’t have this photo gracing my baby’s passport book for the next 5 years!

I had to meet Ben at the passport office in less than 30 minutes, so I raced home and took a series of pics of Moose in our guest bathroom. They were all so cute, but I could only pick one.

And the winner is…


One Response to “Moose’s Passport Montage”

  1. bai myrna rosen Says:

    love all the pictures !!!!!!i wanted to grab him and shower him with kisses and tight hugs====

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