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A Christmas Tree for Moose December 16, 2010

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This year for Christmas, thanks to a near-holiday arrival of Moose’s baby brother, Nugget, we are staying put in our own house.  No traveling down to South Carolina.  We were sad we wouldn’t be able to see the family, but the big plus was for the first time since 2003, and for Moose’s first time ever, we got to decorate our own tree.

Since this may be the only year we won’t be traveling home for Christmas, I wanted to take special note of it.  As much as I love a magazine-worthy pretty tree, ours is quite simple – no major color theme, no fancy ornaments.  When Ben and I first got together, we started collecting ornaments from various travels and events.  Moose had fun looking at all the little details, and we got to tell him stories about where different ornaments came from.  Being that he just turned 3, Moose’s attention span only lasted a few ornaments, but Ben and I had a great time looking at all of them.

 Moose jumping by the tree

 Our first purchased ornament – from Tulum, Mexico when we got engaged in 1998.

 Ode to our favorite city on earth – and where we got married in 1999.

 The bears from our honeymoon in St. Croix in 1999.

 Our trip to Hawaii in 2001.

 Universal Studios vacation 2002.

 Canadien Moose from a work trip we took together in 2004.

 Lobster from one of our many trips to the shore in Boston.

 From Moose’s first Clemson football game in 2008.

 Moose’s favorite ornament.

 Family ornament from my sister.


One Response to “A Christmas Tree for Moose”

  1. Ewa Says:

    Your decorations are really cute. Happy Christmas to all your family. Kisses from Poland.

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