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Intro – The Riggs August 25, 2008

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My family is made up of 4 people – me, hubby, Moose and The Riggs (aka the cat).  The Riggs has taken to vomiting VIOLENTLY in front of every doorway in this house.  I fear walking through the house at night for stepping in a warm puddle of hairball.. ugh.  Then comes the cleaning.  ‘Cause this house we are renting has carpet.  Lucky for me, I have found something to remove those blasted stains!

But we love The Riggs.  Even though he wakes up and starts MEEEEE-OOOWWing loudly every time I get up to tend to the Moose.  Even though he takes secret poops in our closet sometimes.  Even though he is the messiest eater I have ever known in my life.  Even though he likes to lay on everything dark in the house to show off his lovely white fur.  Even though he loves to jump on our bed when we are in “the heat of the moment”. 

At the end of the day, The Riggs is the OGB – Original Gangsta Baby.  We raised him as a little kitten and he has been with us through our entire relationship.  So through poop and hairballs, we love him – damn little hemorrhoid.