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Hey, there’s a Moose in my Bed! March 9, 2010

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We are accidental co-sleepers.  We never planned on it – it just sort of happened. . . Moose slept in his own room, through the night, from 1 month to 6 months.  Then, for various reasons, we started bringing him to our bed.  Next thing we knew, we were putting him to sleep in our bed for the entire night. 


When we moved and bought a new house, we immediately bought Moose his “big boy bed”.  We bought a full mattress and built a platform and headboard.  Moose loved it and started calling it his “little bed”, which makes sense because he was always used to “his” king-sized bed.  When he was 23 months, we started putting him to sleep in the little bed.  Several months later, he still goes to sleep in it, but at some point (usually around 2 in the morning), he makes his way to our room, and snuggles in between me and Hubby.

I have read many articles about how to encourage your little one to stay in his bed.  But that isn’t our problem – the problem is us.  WE don’t want him to spend a whole night in his little bed.  We love curling up with him and some nights, we have even scooped him up early so we could fall asleep with him.  One night, he didn’t come to our bed and I was frantic, positive something was wrong – is he sick? did he fall down the stairs? is he mad at us?!?

So why can’t we let it go?  We get plenty of “alone” time – Moose goes to bed fairly early.  The problem is, despite getting smacked in the face, kicked in the jaw, or the dreaded “wrecking ball” headbutt, we have grown accustomed to rolling over and smelling his little, sweet head, or grabbing his hand during the night.  His favorite sleeping position is curling up into our armpits.  If you turn your back to him, he will back right up to you “Charlie’s Angels” style, as Hubby would say. 

I’ll just say our reluctance is just plain old addiction.  And it isn’t just us.  When we were home for the holidays, both sets of grandparents kept stealing him from us so they could sleep with him.  My mother-in-law said, “We just didn’t do this when you guys were little – we didn’t know how great it was!” 

Not to mention the little things you learn when you doze with your little one.  Things like:

  • When Moosie sleeps on his side, he looks like Daddy, but when he is on his back, he looks like me.
  • Like his Daddy, Moosie talks in his sleep.  Based on these strange conversations, we know he has strange, wild dreams (like Mommy).
  • He snores.  Not like Grandpa (thank God!!), but in a sweet, little way.
  • His two favorite ways to sleep are curled up in your armpit, or face to face with his arm slung around your neck.
  • If you kiss him while he sleeps, he kisses back.
  • He farts in his sleep and will sometimes giggle when he does it.

And have I mentioned he wakes up so darn happy in the morning I am envious?  I know someday Moose will not come creeping into our room at night, and we will realize one day that we are no longer co-sleepers.  And the sad, sad time will come when he wants nothing to do with us, day or night.  Until then, we will happily take our quasi-co-sleeping status 🙂  Good night!