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Dreams for the Moose April 17, 2010

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Don’t worry, this isn’t another emotional post about my adventures teaching Moose!  It is pretty funny though, and I was warned by some parents I met at the “How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” course that this would happen.  I have started dreaming about encyclopedic Bits and word cards.

If you know me well, you know that I have crazy, detailed dreams and I usually remember most of them.  Last night, I dreamt I had paved brick pathway with random POIs (Programs of Intelligence) engraved on them.  I had some bits I was trying to organize, and it was really hard to read the bricks because they were covered with mud and dirt.  Moose was following me around trying to help, then he wandered off into the plant beds.  When I looked up at him, I thought the beds were littered with trash.  When I looked closer, I saw they were giant word cards instead of labels for the plants.  I walked over and started teaching him the plants in our yard. 

Meanwhile my bits were laying in a pile on the paved walk, and it started raining.  I had to decide between saving the bits or teaching Moose the plants.  But then Moose walked over, picked the bits up and brought them inside. 

When I woke up, I looked for Moose, but he was so exhausted, he never made it to our bed last night.  I wanted to give him a big hug for saving the bits, then I realized it was all a dream. 

I always attempt to analyze my dreams, and here I think the message was, simplify the bit-making process and teach Moose about the plants in the yard!  I was going to make bits for the plants we just put in last week, but I think some laminated word cards will suffice for now.  He loves learning and saying big words, so my guess is he will learn “rhododendron” and  “meadowlark forsythia” fairly quickly.  Luckily, we just planted last weekend, so I still have all the tags to make sure I teach him the right thing!