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Long Time Friends August 31, 2008

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Yesterday I stopped by the wedding shower of an old friend.  I met Patrick in the first grade, and we were in the same classes up to the 12th grade, and even shared a few of the same classes at Clemson University.  I hadn’t seen him in several years, but seeing him again warmed my heart.  Its the feeling of familiarity, of a friend you have known so long he is like the brother I never had.

So this got me thinking about the Moose.  Hubby and I have a dream of living overseas.  His company has plants around the world, and we would love to live and work in Australia, Spain, Italy, even Brazil.  My sister thinks it would be sad to move around alot, that Moose would never get the chance to have those long-time friends she and I grew up with.  But instead of friends you have for a long time, I think its even more enriching to have friends for a lifetime.  You don’t need to have spent 20 years with them to develop that relationship.

Maybe he’ll end up with one or two close friends from around the world, people he will email and call and visit throughout his life.  In my last few years of living in different places, I have ended up with those few but cherished close friends. 

We can’t predict what our kids are going to be like.  All we can do is give them every opportunity we can to have a fulfilling life.  So congratulations Patrick and Mandy.  Here’s to life long friends.