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Shaving the Moose September 29, 2008

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This is just so heartbreaking.  I never get emotional, and this is the first event in Moose’s life that has brought tears of sadness to my eyes (okay, I admit, I was BAWLING).

We were bored yesterday and Hubby convinced me that we should cut Moose’s hair at home.  I agreed and we trimmed Moose’s baby sideburns.  Then Hubby brought out the clippers.  We’ll use the longest guard, he said.  Dummy that I am, I failed to realize our longest guard is only a half inch.  And since Hubby was holding the Moose down, I was the one who dealt the fatal blow to Moose’s gorgeous locks. 

I feel like Moose is going to belt out “Nothing Compares 2 U” any minute now.