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Hitting on Mama August 24, 2008

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I took my sis-in-law to lunch the other day to a cute little place in Market Square.  We’re sitting there with the Moose when 3 guys walk in.  So we are minding our own business, tending to Moose’s favorite game – See How Many Times I Can Drop This (insert item here) Before Mommy Finally Puts It Away.  One fella turns around in his chair and is completely staring at us. 

After awhile, he starts spouting out lines:

“What a lucky little man to have two fine women looking after him.”

“You gonna spoil him if you keep pampering him like that, why don’t you throw some of that pampering over here?”

“If I cry like that will you come spoil me too?”

“Ooooh, my neck really hurts, why don’t one of y’all come take care of me”

And my favorite, as I walked by to go wash my hands:

“Daaayyyumm mama…”

Okay, so seriously, I obviously have a baby, am obviously married and this guy is just throwing line after line.  He finally said:

“Man, y’all are some fast eaters, why you gotta eat so fast?”

Jenn commented on his perseverance, that he must get rejected hundreds of times on a daily basis given the speedy delivery of his lines.  But, think about it – if you go to bat 100 times, you’re bound to hit it once, right?  Even if she is a married mama.. shheeeshh..