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So behind… November 23, 2008

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Why in the world have I not been able to keep this thing up-to-date?  Maybe its the Moose, maybe its my laziness, I’ll just blame lack of sleep 🙂

We finally got family pics made today.  Moose was great the first 10 minutes, then he got sleepy, hungry AND he fell down face first onto the floor.  But we got some good ones.  I used to always think these were a bit cheesy, until I realized these photos will likely be the only ones this year where:

1. all three of us are smiling

2. all three of us look good and

3. all three of us are, well, in a picture together!!

Here are some of my favorites, coming to a holiday card near you..


Shaving the Moose September 29, 2008

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This is just so heartbreaking.  I never get emotional, and this is the first event in Moose’s life that has brought tears of sadness to my eyes (okay, I admit, I was BAWLING).

We were bored yesterday and Hubby convinced me that we should cut Moose’s hair at home.  I agreed and we trimmed Moose’s baby sideburns.  Then Hubby brought out the clippers.  We’ll use the longest guard, he said.  Dummy that I am, I failed to realize our longest guard is only a half inch.  And since Hubby was holding the Moose down, I was the one who dealt the fatal blow to Moose’s gorgeous locks. 

I feel like Moose is going to belt out “Nothing Compares 2 U” any minute now.


Moose and Daddy September 28, 2008

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I try to take pics with my phone and send them to the family as much as I can.  After sending one especially cute shot of Moose, Nana called back and said it reminded her of a pic of Hubby when he was a baby.  Turns out, I have that picture, so here are the two boys..


The Moose is 9 Months Old! September 4, 2008

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Today the Moose turns 9 months old.  That means he has existed on the outside as long as he did inside of me.  What a strange thought.  He has changed so much in these nine months.  I love how his little personality is emerging.  Even though its going way too fast, I can’t wait to see what’s in store over the next 9 months!