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A Sick Moose October 5, 2008

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Poor baby Moose has a cold.  It started up yesterday and was full blown last night.  He slept with us and was up every hour, sniffling and snotting.  Add to that a front tooth breaking gum, and you got a miserable little Moose.  Of course Hubby took care of me today – he took Moose this morning and let me get a much needed 2 hours of sleep.  Then later this afternoon, I took another hour long nap to prepare for tonight.

I propped up the Moose’s bed and put the humidifier on tonight, so hopefully he will sleep a little better.  I feel I owe Hubby since he took care of me 🙂 

On a random note, I made  chocolate chip banana bread today… yummy, except I left out 1 ingredient so its not quite as moist as I prefer.. oh well..

Here are some sweet pics of Moose today feeding ducks with Daddy.  Don’t look too close or you’ll see the snot running down his little face!!