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Moose meets Santa December 18, 2008

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My mom LOVES to tell the story about how I cried and cried every time they took my sister and I to takes pics with Santa.


So when I took Moose to the mall today, I did everything I could to keep him in a good mood – he was napped, fed, hydrated, clean, happy, etc.  I was determined not to have him continue my “legacy”.  We walked up to Santa and Moose was great.  Santa even made him laugh and Moose gave him his most charming smile.  I eased Moose onto Santa’s knee.  Moose was great, still smiling… until I backed away.  It was a look of sheer terror.

Moose's fun day with Santa

The guy who took the picture said this was the only one where Moose was looking at the camera and maybe people will think he was laughing.  Yeah, right.  Oh well.. guess we gotta do some Santa-training for next year.  Or maybe I can just get someone to Photoshop a happy face in there.


**As a quick note, here is some proof that it isn’t just me and Moose who were freaked out by Santa – this is my darling nephew!!

My nephew - the screaming one!


We Miss Kitty… December 6, 2008

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The Riggs
We decided to leave The Riggs with my parents when we went home for Thanksgiving, but only until after the holiday season. It is stressful for him to acclimate to a new place, so we figured he should just stay with them for the month (my parents have 3 other cats). I know he will eventually love it because my mom feeds those cats 4 times a day, whereas Riggs normally only gets 1/3 of a can once a day here!

But still, we miss that kitty. The silence drives me nuts – I am so used to calling out to him – Riggs, get off the counter (or bed or baby or oven), Riggs, don’t eat my food (or drink my water or puke on the floor).. And Moose senses something is missing. He normally pushes Riggs’ food bowl around with his Puppy walker, but I put it all away. So he walks up to the area, then turns around all confused.

Don’t worry Moose, we’ll see Kitty and all of his friends in 2 weeks!


Moose Turns 1 December 5, 2008

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More entertained by Daddy than by the candleWhat a lovely cake...Yesterday, my baby Moose (who is no longer a baby) turned 1. It was a bittersweet day, as most parents probably feel. I baked Moose a cake – my first attempt – because all kids deserve a homemade birthday cake at some point. Next year, I will buy one and make him some food or something!! I tried to tempt him to dig into it by covering it with Cheerios, but he was not fooled.

It was a small celebration, just me, Moose and Hubby. We celebrated last Thursday and last Sunday with the family, so I am sure he was tired of all the fuss!

Are we finished here?


Thanksgiving December 2, 2008

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We went home to Charleston (Goose Creek, SC) for Thanksgiving weekend and it was awesome.  Some of the highlights:

  • Seeing ALL the family – I really miss my cousins and wish I could have spent more time with them!!
  • Swimming in the new pool at Ben’s parents house
  • Getting a Watsu massage from Ben’s mom
  • Shopping with my mom
  • Clemson whipping Carolina’s ass on Saturday
  • Doing our now traditional movie-mommy time-out with my sister
  • Going to see Carlos Mencia live at the last minute (thanks Joe and Kelly!!)
  • and of course, eating and eating and eating…



We did Thanksgiving at my parent’s house on Thursday with the big family.  We had turkey and some other odd items that were still yummy.  On Saturday, we did a Lowcountry boil with some fresh steamed oysters with our immediate families at his parents house.  I was so sad that we did not finish the oysters 😦  But there will be more come Christmas time!!