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Up All Night September 21, 2008

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Yeah, I wish I could blame this one on Moose or even on Hubby, but nope, its just my wussy little system that freaks out whenever I get caffeine.  We finally sold our pool table yesterday, so we went to a lovely little Japanese/Greek place to have some tekka bowls to celebrate (fyi – not an alcoholic drink, its tuna sashimi in a rice bowl).

We ordered our green tea, as usual, but this time it had a very strong flavor.  Yummmmmy.. so we ended up having 3-4 mugs.  I should have known… and to top it off, we had their green tea ice cream as well.  Double yummmmmy.  14 hours and a few eye twitches later, I was still awake.  And I didn’t waste my time surfing the internet.  I made pillows… Here is my before and after shot –



 I totally forgot I had these little pillows (that my aunt gave us over 10 years ago for our engagement!!) and I had some fabric left over from my other pillow project.  More pics on that some other time.

You can tell I am tired because I am jumping all over the place.. back to the restaurant, on a funny/not funny note, Moose had his first taste of wasabi yesterday.  Hubby had mixed up his rice bowl and was feeding Moose rice.  Totally forgot about the 3 gobs of wasabi in the bowl.  We knew immediately what happened because Moose’s face turned bright red, his eyes watered up, he scratched at his nose, made a high-pitched wail and started grabbing for his sippy cup.  How I wish I caught that on camera 🙂