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Signs of Change September 19, 2008

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Yesterday, I finally got rid of the baby clutter by my bedside table.  I put away and cleaned my breastpump, moved the boppy into Moose’s closet, and gathered all the random baby bottles and put them away.  I remember it wasn’t too long ago that I used my pump 6 times a day, used the boppy as often, and cleaned bottles so Moose could drink my pumped milk from someone else. 

When he was almost 5 months old, I sent an email to some friends of mine, all mammas, asking the following questions:

1. When is my period ever going to come back?

2. When will my boobs stop getting so engorged in the morning to where I have to pump them or else they feel like they will explode?

3. Be honest, what is going to happen to my boobs when I stop breastfeeding? I plan on going for as long as Jack wants to, hopefully at least a year.  All I hear about is “rocks in socks”.

4. When will my hair stop falling out? It started falling out a few weeks ago and is still going…

They all sent slightly different answers, but they all gave me hope it would all go back to normal soon except the boobs part 😦  Here I am, almost 5 months later, and I have my period, my boobs are rarely engorged, and my hair stopped falling out.  At the time it seemed like those things would last forever.  Now it is a distant memory… if I can just keep the damn rocks away…