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Shaving the Moose September 29, 2008

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This is just so heartbreaking.  I never get emotional, and this is the first event in Moose’s life that has brought tears of sadness to my eyes (okay, I admit, I was BAWLING).

We were bored yesterday and Hubby convinced me that we should cut Moose’s hair at home.  I agreed and we trimmed Moose’s baby sideburns.  Then Hubby brought out the clippers.  We’ll use the longest guard, he said.  Dummy that I am, I failed to realize our longest guard is only a half inch.  And since Hubby was holding the Moose down, I was the one who dealt the fatal blow to Moose’s gorgeous locks. 

I feel like Moose is going to belt out “Nothing Compares 2 U” any minute now.


Feeding a Moose

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Moose loves to eat his little puffed cereal snacks.  He is rather good at it.  We are working our way up to the foods we eat.  But lately he has developed a smacky, open mouth chew that is rather funny.


Moose and Daddy September 28, 2008

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I try to take pics with my phone and send them to the family as much as I can.  After sending one especially cute shot of Moose, Nana called back and said it reminded her of a pic of Hubby when he was a baby.  Turns out, I have that picture, so here are the two boys..


The New and Improved Moose Crawl September 22, 2008

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Wasn’t it just a week ago I was commenting on the Moose’s “graceful” crawl?  A few days ago, he finally figured out how to go from prone to sitting up, and along with that came this all new crawl.

Maybe its just a coincidence, but he demonstrated his new ability on the day I did a yoga video with some pigeon poses.  Maybe he is a little yogi in training?  Nana will be so excited!!


Up All Night September 21, 2008

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Yeah, I wish I could blame this one on Moose or even on Hubby, but nope, its just my wussy little system that freaks out whenever I get caffeine.  We finally sold our pool table yesterday, so we went to a lovely little Japanese/Greek place to have some tekka bowls to celebrate (fyi – not an alcoholic drink, its tuna sashimi in a rice bowl).

We ordered our green tea, as usual, but this time it had a very strong flavor.  Yummmmmy.. so we ended up having 3-4 mugs.  I should have known… and to top it off, we had their green tea ice cream as well.  Double yummmmmy.  14 hours and a few eye twitches later, I was still awake.  And I didn’t waste my time surfing the internet.  I made pillows… Here is my before and after shot –



 I totally forgot I had these little pillows (that my aunt gave us over 10 years ago for our engagement!!) and I had some fabric left over from my other pillow project.  More pics on that some other time.

You can tell I am tired because I am jumping all over the place.. back to the restaurant, on a funny/not funny note, Moose had his first taste of wasabi yesterday.  Hubby had mixed up his rice bowl and was feeding Moose rice.  Totally forgot about the 3 gobs of wasabi in the bowl.  We knew immediately what happened because Moose’s face turned bright red, his eyes watered up, he scratched at his nose, made a high-pitched wail and started grabbing for his sippy cup.  How I wish I caught that on camera 🙂


Signs of Change September 19, 2008

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Yesterday, I finally got rid of the baby clutter by my bedside table.  I put away and cleaned my breastpump, moved the boppy into Moose’s closet, and gathered all the random baby bottles and put them away.  I remember it wasn’t too long ago that I used my pump 6 times a day, used the boppy as often, and cleaned bottles so Moose could drink my pumped milk from someone else. 

When he was almost 5 months old, I sent an email to some friends of mine, all mammas, asking the following questions:

1. When is my period ever going to come back?

2. When will my boobs stop getting so engorged in the morning to where I have to pump them or else they feel like they will explode?

3. Be honest, what is going to happen to my boobs when I stop breastfeeding? I plan on going for as long as Jack wants to, hopefully at least a year.  All I hear about is “rocks in socks”.

4. When will my hair stop falling out? It started falling out a few weeks ago and is still going…

They all sent slightly different answers, but they all gave me hope it would all go back to normal soon except the boobs part 😦  Here I am, almost 5 months later, and I have my period, my boobs are rarely engorged, and my hair stopped falling out.  At the time it seemed like those things would last forever.  Now it is a distant memory… if I can just keep the damn rocks away…


Why I love Thursdays September 18, 2008

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I am a recovering TV addict.  Moose is desperately trying to keep me in check, so I have learned to keep my TV watching to the bare bones.

But boy do I love Thursdays.  Why?  Because my industrious little DVR has a fabulous list of shows just waiting to be watched – mainly my two faves, Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model.  And very soon, Ugly Betty will be joining the list.  And of course there are the Thursday night shows, but I catch up on those over the weekend…

Hubby and I do have some conflicts coming up on the DVR, esp since we both want to add some new shows.  For example, I really want to watch the new Survivor this season, but our Thursday nights are always taken up by Gray’s Anatomy and some version of CSI.  We always seem to be ADDING shows to our list instead of taking them away. 

Anyone know of a 12 step program for letting go of TV?!?